Week 8 - June 29 - July 3

Eight down! Two more to go!

This week was one of the positive ones, well, kinda.

As mentioned in the past two weeks, my main game plan was to really get the transcript for MS Azure & A/B Testing up effectively. Because once I am able to get it up - we can move on from the technology development project with MS Azure working and A/B Testing versions ready to go for the evaluation/testing section of the research project.

We finished last week on the note of having the A Version for A/B Testing - captioning directly on each participants’ window completed with the updated code of streaming the text in real time with both recognizing and recognized results. Now we needed to implement that into the B Version - the transcript that overlays the participants’ windows. Me and Norman got straight to work on that on Monday and was able to get it done with extra features such as printing new lines whenever a sentence is recognized or a another user is speaking. We also had the code working with not repeating any lines by editing the previous line (where the user was originially speaking) and edit that until it was completed with recognized. Whew. Check.

Now when I first started with creating the two versions, we had a team discussion and decided to remove the RTT (where users can chat via typing) to make the coding and merging easier. But after completing the two versions, we had another one and decided to add the RTT feature back in for the complete user experience. For the A Version, that was easier to do the code already had the ASR streaming to the text area so we just needed to reimplement the RTT feature. So it took me less than a couple of hours to complete. Check two.

But for the B Version, that was much harder. We needed to get the typing to stream in real time in the textarea of the local user AND the transcript section. That required much more time, coding, and assistance once again from the magnificent Mr. Norman. Unfortunately, Norman went out of town for on Thursday so he was unable to assist me for the rest of the week. And I really needed his help. I attempted to edit the coding and I was actually making some progress and eliminating bugs one by one but then I hit a wall. I couldn’t go any further so I decided to take a break and wait until Norman is available again.

Though, I did not spend the two days doing nothing. I decided to make some other adjustments to the versions that was recieved when my team attempted to test it such as having each user in transcript in a different color font, and making the font smaller and readable by adjusting the CSS shadow element. Then I went to work on the paper - gathering my sources and getting the lit review done.

Well, that was my week. As you can see, we got through a bunch of walls but also hit a big one. So you can see why I said “kinda” earlier. There was definitely progess made and we are really left with hopefully two or three more bugs to fix before we can finally get to the testing and adjusting of our product! I hope you guys had a great week as well. :) Type to you all soon!

Written on July 3, 2020