Week 10 - July 13 - 17

AHH YOU GUYS. ITS JULY 17TH AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. It is the end of our relationship …haha just kidding, well no not really, but it IS the last day of this 10 week DREU internship.

Wow time flies! I remember the first day just like it was yesterday. Amazing to see how far we gotten.

So we started our last week with picking up the last note we had with the download button feature. Mike got started with that and I also helped and within a couple of hours, we were able to get it to work. We had the button functionable and able to provide a text file of the transcript to download. This was definitely a neat and neccessary feature. We then conducted our last A/B testing of our product before gathering all of the results/feedbacks for improvements and research.

So with having our research of other works, results of our testing, discussion, product close to production, we were able to go head in with our paper and presentation. Therefore, the rest of the week’s focus was really the research paper and presentation. And geesh, there was a lot of typing, reviewing, drafts, back and forth discussion through out the week, However we were able to get things done and by Friday, at noon, we gave our final presentation to our team. Done, finished, boom, drop the mic, right? Haha nope, which is actually good thing because you really want things to be as qualified as possible for publication, we recieved some great feedback about our presentation and information for future purposes. With those feedbacks, we made those adjustments and had it accepted by the team for the last time. BOOM. Whew, now we’re done.

Man, a lot of sweat. blood, and tears was put into our work (not literally but you get the gist). It is a really good feeling to have accomplish this and complete my journey of this internship experience. I definitely learned and grew a lot from this experience I will never replace. You could say I gained a tool well many tools in my tool box now. :) I’m excited to bring this experience with me and in my next journey. Thank you for joining me in this experience and I hope you guys brought a little something home from this too. Well, I was going to say type to you guys next week but I guess I can’t say that now. And I guess it is actually good bye when I say good bye ..I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs because I definitely enjoyed making them. :) Here is a positive good bye everyone!

Written on July 17, 2020